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Splunk adds new security and observability features

Splunk is adding new security and observability features to its Observability Cloud and Mission Control to more efficiently identify threats and incidents.

The company’s Observability Cloud, which offers AIops-based infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring (APM) and intelligence, will gain new features that will help IT development and operations teams troubleshoot faster and more efficiently. visibility, to enable a unified approach to incident response. the company said.

The company added new auto-detection capabilities within Splunk APM that will use clud machine learning to reduce manual effort and improve alert accuracy, in addition to its existing Incident Intelligence feature, which enables enterprise teams to diagnose , remediate and restore services faster, Splunk said. .

Additionally, Splunk is adding an IM Network Explorer designed to allow enterprise teams to monitor and assess the health of their cloud network. Enterprises will be able to resolve any cloud health issues using IM Network Explorer, the company said, adding that the new features were available to the general public.

Splunk Mission Control offers enhanced security features

In addition to the new observability features, the company said it was enhancing its security offering, dubbed Splunk Mission Control, which combines its security analytics offering, Splunk Enterprise Security, and its automation and orchestration tool, Splunk SOAR.

Enhanced Splunk Mission Control enables security operations centers (SOCs) to detect, investigate, and respond to threats from a modern, unified work surface,” the company said in a press release.

The new enhanced Splunk Mission Control is available to Splunk Enterprise Security Cloud customers based on regional and technical requirements, Splunk added.

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The company also said it was making its Splunk Edge processor available to customers.

“The Edge Processor solution is a data stream processing solution that works at the edge of your network. Enterprises can use the Edge Processor solution to filter, mask, and transform their data close to its source before routing the processed data to external environments,” the company wrote in a blog post.

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