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Civet: A better TypeScript?

“There’s a rumor that Civet is the new CoffeeScript, but maybe that’s a good thing. CoffeeScript brought classes, destructuring, async/await, arrow functions, rest parameters, and more to the official JavaScript specification. Maybe Civet will get the pipeline operator, pattern matching and more in ES2025”. —Civet creator Daniel Moore

Civet is described as a sort of modern CoffeeScript for TypeScript, which may not sound promising if you remember CoffeeScript like I do. However, before you dismiss it, consider what Civet has to offer. This is a compact, modern language that aims to give you everything you love about TypeScript with more power and simplicity, including early access to proposed ECMAScript language features. You might be surprised by some of the capabilities that Civet puts in your hands with very little effort.

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