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AWS Chatbot now integrated into Microsoft Teams

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has integrated its AWS Chatbot with Microsoft Teams to allow business users to interact with their AWS resources from within the chat application.

First introduced in 2019 and generally available in 2020, AWS Chatbot is a service that enables IT and business development teams to receive notifications about their AWS infrastructure resources from within a productivity app or chat like Slack.

“When you use AWS Chatbot for Microsoft Teams or other chat platforms, you receive notifications from AWS services directly in your chat channels, and you can take action on your infrastructure by typing commands without having to switch to another tool,” Sébastien Stormacq, Lead Developer lawyer at AWS, he wrote in a blog post.

Interaction with AWS infrastructure and resources is made possible by the chat application’s integration with AWS services such as Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS).

While Amazon CloudWatch is a service used to collect and display real-time event data, metrics, and logs in automated dashboards, SNS is a push notification service between distributed systems, microservices, serverless applications, and endpoints. AWS Finals.

Applications included in AWS SNS are Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, AWS Lambda, and other HTTPS endpoints, the company said.

The AWS EventBridge service integration with SNS allows the chatbot to send event-related information to supported chat applications.

AWS Chatbot within Teams also allows business users to run CLI commands to run troubleshooting notebooks. Long commands that users tend to forget can be stored by creating aliases within the AWS Chatbot channel in Teams and other apps, the company said.

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Notebooks are repositories that house executable code for programs.

To add AWS Chatbot to Microsoft Teams, companies must add the bot to the appropriate team or group within the app. After that, the team URL can be used to configure the chatbot from the AWS Management Console or the AWS Cloud Development Kit.

Companies must assign identity and access management permissions on what channel members can do on this channel and associate SNS topics to receive notifications, Stormacq wrote in the post.

At launch in 2019, AWS Chatbot was compatible with Slack and AWS Chime. Other services that AWS Chatbot can send notifications about include AWS Health, AWS Budgets, AWS Security Hub, Amazon GuardDuty, CloudWatch, and CloudFormation.

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